What if the landlord urges the rent in advance?What would you do?

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Hello, I’m Xiao Yue.I believe that many friends who go out to work have renting experience, but renting life is good or bad depends on the specific experience of each of us.Recently a friend of mine complained to me about such a thing.The thing is, my friend has been renting a house for more than a year. It was good before, but in the last six months, his landlord often contacted him in advance and asked him to pay the rent.I asked carefully, it was the beginning of this.Now the landlord and the tenant will sign a contract, above all matters needing attention and rent will be clearly informed.When my friend signed the contract, it was on 9th, and the rent was paid in January.Originally right, but somehow, the landlord asked that the date of payment should be one week earlier than the date of signing the contract, so it was changed to the 3rd of every month to pay the rent. At that time, my friend felt nothing, there was a place to live on the line, and agreed.So every month to pay rent time became 3, the friend is also according to this time to pay rent, also had not defaulted on rent behavior.But recently, the landlord often sends him a message or calls to inform him to pay the rent in advance on the 1st and 2nd of every month.I also know the general situation, namely the landlord let him pay the rent two days in advance every month.But he said the key is not this, it is felt that the landlord is too not human, a few days in advance taxes for he doesn’t consider as what, after all, have a stable job, rent is due and affordable, but sometimes days to pay the rent and festivals overlap, such as the Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese valentine’s day, Spring Festival and so on, all of this time in the holidays, the landlord and driving the day rush to rent, good mood, there is no moment.After HEARING this, I was not sure whether TO laugh or cry. Although it is natural to rent a house, the landlord was too anxious.I think it would also make my friend feel better if he asked for the rent on time.(Chuckling) Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, contact delete Small yue view: in fact, encountered this situation, if you feel not a big deal, you can also bear, then it doesn’t matter.If you don’t think so, you can also clearly tell the landlord, according to the original time (date indicated on the contract) on the line, as long as their own side, there is nothing to say.After all, it is convenient to rent a house by yourself, and the other is to make yourself more comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, then you should solve the problem. Don’t spoil others, or you will feel uncomfortable in the end.Has this happened to readers?How did you solve it?