Ningbo primary school students cooked 20 dishes for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

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The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important meal of the year. It must be exquisite. It is usually organized by the master chef.However, in Xiangshan, Ningbo, a mother let her son in primary school cook a New Year’s Eve dinner. It was delicious and beautiful, which was eye-opening.Braised bamboo shoot, sweet and sour yellow croaker, red firewood fish, steamed jade bald fish, fried mutton with garlic, braised octopus, spicy conch in brine, white shrimp in brine, steamed hairy crab, white cauterized mussels, jellyfish mixed with cucumber, Three fresh soup…Twenty of the 28 dishes on the table were cooked by a sixth grader.These two days, the table also out of the circle.”My son cooked all these dishes, and I was responsible for washing and cutting them.”This morning, the baby’s mother, Fang Minzhi, told hour News reporters that it started at 2 p.m. and ended at 4:30 p.m., when she saw the time was running out, she cooked a chicken nugget.A few were cold dishes, which had been prepared long before.His son Huang Yuteng is a 13-year-old student in grade 6 of Xingang Primary School in Shipu Town, Xiangshan County.Is a very considerate mother’s good son, because mother Fang Minzhi in Shipu town feng Qi road opened a lunch shop, cooking skills.Huang yuteng learned to cook a dish every day with his mother during the summer holidays since he was in third grade in primary school.Since then, Xiaoyuteng has shown a keen interest in cooking.He once said that if he knew how to cook, his mother would not work so hard.This year’s winter vacation, the teacher assigned a winter vacation homework – “do a dish, take photos punch card.”So on January 31, the New Year’s Eve, fang minzhi asked her son to cook a table dinner.”Let him do it, it doesn’t matter if it tastes good or not, it’s the best when it comes out.”Fang minzhi said, did not expect to do well.His whole family including his grandparents encouraged him and he was very proud of himself.During the interview, Fang Minzhi chatted with reporters about some details of cooking.Fang minzhi said that many of the seafood in Xiangshan are boiled or steamed, and it is relatively easy to cook.Sweet and sour dishes, need to make juice, she will guide him, and steamed crab, how long to steam, she will also teach him.In addition, like braised mutton, mutton is steamed in a pressure cooker. My son put it in the pot and fried it with ginger and garlic cooking wine.Watching her son calmly stir-fry, add ingredients and cook the chicken on the stove, minzhi fang was very pleased to see the New Year’s Eve meals cooked like magic.She secretly recorded a video of her son and posted some dishes on two moments.Circle of friends immediately fried, hundreds of people praise, envy, have praised “that sweet and sour yellow croak good to eat” “primary school students can have this level, fierce” “we graduated from junior high school, also can’t cook” “this son did not live in white, grow up must be a warm man”.Fang minzhi told the Hour news that her husband drove a construction car for people all the year round, and the couple were moved by their son’s growth and understanding.It was a particularly memorable New Year’s Eve for the family.The family of six sat together and took pictures of a table full of food.