Jiao Jiao event continued to fermentate, Zhao Benshan disciples collective voice loss, bubao brothers has publicly supported the woman

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Actress Jiao Jiao and actor Zhao Benshan have had a very public feud with each other.As an actor of benshan media, there are too many mysteries to be solved now.However, according to the complaint of the woman in this period of time, she thinks that Mr. Zhao Benshan has wronged her mainly in the following aspects: First, her family has broken up and she has become a single mother because of Zhao Benshan.Because of their divorce because of ex-husband bankruptcy, but ex-husband bankruptcy is because of zhao Benshan pit!Second, when her ex-husband invested tens of millions of yuan in liu Laogen’s big stage, she lost everything in the end.The ex-husband believes that his investment was defrauded by the other party, not the result of normal business risk.But at this critical moment, Jiao Jiao did not choose to believe her ex-husband, but turned to believe Zhao Benshan and Benshan media.The relationship between husband and wife deteriorated rapidly until the marriage broke down.In addition, Jiao Jiao thinks that in the process of divorcing her ex-husband, she has been misled and arranged by some people, and she has been calculated.Third, his “righteous act” did not change zhao Benshan’s trust, support and support, on the contrary, for a long time by the company to limit the performance, until the two people openly fell out.Based on the above reasons, jiaojiao said bluntly: I can no longer keep silent, I want to fight back!Soon after, she announced her official withdrawal from the mountain media, and has nothing to do with it ever since!”I will not be silent and I will fight back,” she said.My marriage failed, and the hardships of life made me lose my dream.What goes around comes around, and god has a plan for everything!This is the end of it, I’m done with it, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!I’ve seen how this so-called artist manipulates the fate of others.What he did was nothing like a great master. I never thought that this was the pattern of great men, the character of great men!But as the accused zhao Benshan’s side, so far is still silent, did not make any public response to the matter.In addition, jiao Jiao publicly accused Zhao Benshan, has been in the live broadcast circle very active many benshan disciples, are also silent about this.Because whenever these Zhao Benshan’s high students live, netizens will ask in the comment area “Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan between what on earth” “what do you think about this” message!But for the netizen’s inquiry, up to now, no one benshan media actors have responded.Of course, many netizens also expressed their understanding, as the saying goes, “it is difficult for an honest official to decide household chores”, between them, kindness and resentment, outsiders are really hard to tell!But on February 11, Brother Bao, who also became famous for publicly accusing his master, posted a video publicly supporting Jiaojiao.Jiao Jiao’s voice is not accidental, but inevitable, he says in the video.Jiaojiao I support you!Then netizens have said: is really a passer-by ah, are “respected teachers” “model”!Because some time ago, tiger brothers also because of their master Yang Yi not hold their own, publicly attacked their teacher.This at that time, also caused the public opinion hot discussion!In response, some netizens joked that they had met “like-minded people”, and both sides had resonated with their fate and experience.Some careful netizens have found that the background picture of your brothers is uncle Benshan. Now you are supporting Jiaojiao again. It’s really nice of you!In fact, objectively speaking, tiger and Leopard brothers stand out at this time, is nothing more than ceng wave flow!For who can tell which is right or wrong?However, jiao Jiao incident to today’s stage, netizens are still full of doubts about some questions, such as: first, you said that your ex-husband’s investment lost all money, why did not show up to speak out?Now divorced, whether you are qualified to represent your ex-husband to claim the so-called things.Second, you have been emphasizing that Teacher Zhao Benshan did not give you a chance to perform. Why don’t you explain why he did not give you a chance?Did you violate the company’s management regulations, such as live broadcasting without authorization?Third, if economic disputes, why not through legal channels, but through the Internet fermentation?Is there speculation suspicion?Right and wrong, kindness and grudges, especially between teachers and apprentices, it is difficult to get clear!But one thing is the most important, that is, do not trust your fate to anyone, only when you become strong, you will have dignity!What do you think about that?Welcome message exchange!