James returning to the Cavs?Lakers don’t give you a chance, quit the championship platform, eyebrows also let you cold

2022-04-27 0 By

As the NBA continues to roll on, the Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the most disappointing team to fans this season, as they continue to build a championship team around Lebron James.But as things stand, that deal has collapsed.As for James, who has lost his title hopes, at 38, does he have time to wait for the Lakers to rebuild their roster?And then, the rise of the Cavs, lebron’s return to the Cavs?Lakers don’t give you a chance, quit the championship platform, eyebrows also let you chill!After Cleveland updated the city’s James poster, bloggers also raised the question of whether James could return home.James later wrote on the blogger’s social media page: “Anything is possible!”As a result, this has caused a heated debate.There’s still a chance lebron James could return to Cleveland after his two-year contract with the Lakers expires.The Cavaliers are now the Lakers, and they are moving away from the championship, both in terms of the front office and coaching staff.Especially in team construction, and internal sources, the lakers in the previous trading window, the lakers were promising to build team, however, the team management in order to avoid increasing spending over the luxury tax, they also explicitly to James said, the team won’t change, when a team to make such a decision, they are bound to have a championship.For Lebron James, the goal is still to win a championship.”My goal is still the same,” James said in an interview. “I want to help out with the team, I want to bring more strength to the Lakers, and I’m trying to improve myself and I’ll always have that mindset.”It also speaks volumes about James’ attitude that he still won’t give up trying to win a championship.Now, however, the Lakers, with a 26-31 record, have fallen into ninth place in the Western Conference and are edging out of eighth.They also have a hard time winning against a playoff-caliber team, and the lakers’ current status makes it very difficult for them to make it past the play-offs, all of which may be driving James’ departure.James except wei less heavy eyebrows elder brother now state is very worrying, Davis scored career in the first championship after heavy eyebrows elder brother Davis there has been a great change in his attitude on the pitch, he fallen straight line of data, when heavy eyebrows elder brother can’t step out and help James, the lakers will lose their biggest advantage.As a team, only Lebron James and Kobe are meaningful players, and the lakers are likely to be in a tailor-made position next season.Whether it’s the Lakers or Davis, they’re going to give James the creeps.Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the Cavaliers leave the Lakers, now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as a championship-caliber team with a solid record in the Eastern Conference.But this young team, they still need a veteran star like James, maybe, James will be the last piece of their championship puzzle.Returning to his hometown to win again, Lebron James is not happy?