“Mountain, River, Moon” reputation failure, all rely on the old opera bone support field, Cheng Yi performance hard rigid

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Enter April, the whole teleplay market slightly show cold.The new TV series of major TV channels has not yet seen a new hit, and the word of mouth is in a mess.Answer the file “heart” of military dramas also failed to catch the characteristic glory, first aired, the ratings falling, only ranks the third in the satellite TV, hunan TV’s “jade face peach blossom always meet new ratings are not ideal, but in today’s situation unexpectedly can also ranks first, can see the current market.While Beijing SATELLITE TV’s new drama “Mountains, Rivers and Moon Ming”, although the first time at the same time ratings, but the ratings of the next day did not break, of course, for Beijing SATELLITE TV can stabilize at the current ratings, has been a high level.As a historical drama in ancient costume, “Mountains, Rivers and Moon Ming” has been aired for three episodes, but its reputation is not ideal, with continuous negative comments, mainly focusing on some changes to the history, the plot of the leap and other issues.The three episodes have focused on Xu da’s marriage to the King of Yan.As a historical drama, it is natural that it cannot be viewed as history. There is nothing wrong with the change of history, but the abrupt problem of the plot is due to the large number of cuts made by the drama, which is also the reason why the drama was aired after two years.Individually, there will be some deviation, but overall, there is no problem. It will be explained in the subsequent episodes, but it will be told through some details instead of a separate shot.But for the TV series are broadcast episode by episode, the audience on the plot of the confusion is inevitable, naturally let the drama reputation is not good.For the drama side, there is no way to do this. Without cutting, it cannot be broadcast smoothly, and finally it has to compromise.Many viewers are also confused about whether the show is a historical drama or an antique puppet drama.Actually is not uncommon for this kind of historical play, today’s pure drama history is hard to reproduce, most people in order to cater to the market to join the ancient elements, and for the show, zhu di’s growth story, the main line is trusted and join feelings line is necessary, can be seen from the prince of the casting is the play of compromise.But such plays are based on historical plays, with a certain basis is not fully developed will be rotten vulgar ancient puppet plays.The state presented in the first three episodes is a little more insipid and less rigorous than the real drama, and too formal and less flexible than the ancient puppet, so it is difficult for ordinary audiences to accurately locate the play.In fact, in addition to these, the first three episodes or in the narrative, showing its unique temperament, and these are relying on the old opera bones to support the field.Chen Baoguo, Zhang Fengyi and Wang Ji, among others, played a key role in propelling the first three episodes.Although say main line is Zhu Di’s growth line, but do not have these old play bone join, will let this play be eclipsed inevitably, on actor performance, old play bone and young actor also not a paragraph on, on pair of play, young actor’s problem is exposed without exception.Under the interpretation of the old drama bones, Zhu Yuanzhang, Xu Da, Ma Queen, three roles were interpreted another taste, full of life of the breath, they are amiable, like a neighbor aunt, rather than a noble emperor, queen.Porridge for sole, family feasts bickering, royal majesty here is extremely compressed, let us see a different kind of court life.But this is not joking, is a more realistic expression and interpretation of life.And these scenes are all talked about by the audience, have given high praise.At this time yan Wang has not boarded the stage of the real leading role, so no matter momentum, or on the stage, are far inferior to the old drama bone.Given to managed north of marriage as a breakthrough point, and then introduces the rebellious, zhu di stubborn, runaway, beaten, army to be hit, can see zhu di in the foot soldiers and contradiction and struggle between two different identities, enduring, but for the sake of his military dream on personality traits, chengyi’s zhu di still has a certain joint sex, at this point is worth praising.But on the whole chengyi’s zhu di and gives a person the sense with rigid, poor temperament, face stiff, make the characters seem to be too rigid, not deduce a stubborn character, sum up is too hard on performance, other prince, to be able to see more vivid, but once he here, a pair of fierce, lost the temperament and disposition.”Was on that” now is clearly embarrassing situation, because of the ambiguity of its positioning, combined with reducing plot to the audience is not friendly, bad review coming in constantly, but against the old play bone are wonderful soaring play again so that people can’t give up, the problem of young actor is bigger, once the box with the old play bone, you can see the jagged on the acting.In addition, the war scene is much higher than that of recent historical dramas, so it can be seen that money was spent.So, overall, in terms of word of mouth, “Mountain river Moon Ming” is bound to be difficult to reach a higher level, ratings will be mediocre.