In the snow and snow, the auxiliary police guards the safety

2022-04-25 0 By

Report from our newspaper (reporter Wang Heyan correspondent Zhang Ruixin) from the night of January 21, Tianjin ushered in a large range of snow and cooling weather.According to the unified deployment of The Tianjin Public Security Bureau, the police and auxiliary police at all levels of the city’s public security organs have spared no efforts in traffic guidance, epidemic prevention and control, road patrol, security and other work to protect the safety of citizens.During the snowfall, the city’s local public security branches immediately launched emergency response plans, strengthened patrol prevention and control, checked security risks, guarded the warlike epidemic defense line, provided considerate service to the people, passed on warmth in the snow, and resolutely protected the happiness and safety of the party.The traffic management department of public security strengthened the deployment of police force in a targeted manner, increased the number of police officers on duty at key road sections and periods, strengthened the management of evacuation, actively cooperated with relevant departments to carry out orderly snow clearing and melting, increased the frequency of road and video inspection, and quickly dealt with traffic accidents and emergencies discovered.Traffic control and diversion guidance measures shall be taken immediately on expressways that do not meet the prevailing conditions to ensure the normal travel of the masses to the maximum extent.In addition, “Safe Tianjin”, “Tianjin Traffic Police” and other new media platforms for public security affairs strengthen travel guidance and publicity tips, timely release safety warnings, instant information and travel safety tips for the majority of traffic participants, to ensure the safe travel of citizens.Source: Today evening News