TES lineup adjustment is all fan suggestions?Hand son elder brother kicks four every year, when can prove himself

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The league of Legends professional competition has become more and more regularizing since IG, consisting of Theshy, Ning, Rookie, Jackeylove, Baolan and Duke, won the LPL division’s first world Championship at the 2018 League of Legends Global Finals.It began to become the most watched esports in China.The influx of all kinds of capital has greatly enhanced the influence of LPL Professional League. The strong rise of new giants such as TES and FPX, the profound heritage of old giants such as EDG and RNG, as well as the division results of the global finals in four years, three championships and one Asian division, have also made LPL division beat LCK division and become the true world’s first division.However, for most LPL audience, we still hope to have an all-Chinese team that can successfully defend its title in the next global finals, so the introduction of RNG in the 2021 winter transfer period, as well as TES, which retains the core double C, has become the most hopeful team in everyone’s mind to achieve the goal.As a result, five weeks into the 2022 LPL spring tournament, the star-studded TES team has an embarrassing 2-3 record and entered the Year of the Tiger with 11th place in the league.In most players powder think, the paper strength of the strongest TES in the beginning stage of the spring game record is so low, because TES auxiliary Zhuo is not worthy to be a “professional player” in essence, TES management immediately made a response to this, in the year of the Tiger Spring Festival will be the former LGD auxiliary Mark attracted under the flag.Although TES has not officially commented on this, we can confirm that Mark has joined TES by checking the list of TES contestants via OPGG!Zhuo, who has been singled out and criticized by Chovy, Meiko, Jiejie, is likely to be completely abandoned by TES in the following matches.But there are many users think, now TES even if Zhuo change, also can’t solve all the problems!TES wants to make a dent in the top tier, starting with finding the right way to open Knight.Knight, one of the most popular Chinese singles in recent years, was banned by GODV, the “true e-sports talent”, and failed to prove himself against Rookie, Scout, Doinb and Xiaohu.In the LPL division top players worth more and more high case, TES team in just three years, in the single, playing wild, auxiliary and AD four positions invested a lot of money, but this team in the S series of world games on the best result, is a four, more ridiculous is this team once fell into a low,I can’t even get a ticket to worlds.This fully shows that in the single Knight as the core of the TES team, the lower limit is not as high as we imagine!TES should solve the most problem now, is to set reasonable tactical positioning for each player in the team, so that this team has Jackeylove, Tian, Zoom and other star players, become a real team!