Three “Doctor” flow novels, take you into the world of doctors

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Today is the third day of the Chinese New Year, xiaobian to recommend 3 popular doctor flow works, each is very hardcore, let a person admire unceasingly.Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine Xu Yang: This is a very hardcore Chinese medicine novel!This is a true TCM novel!This is a story about a talented Chinese medicine doctor who was fired because of a medical accident, met a not very clever system, and was able to go back decades to learn from contemporary famous doctors, and then gradually grew into a real Chinese medicine.This book is a story about traditional Chinese medicine curing diseases and saving people. It is a story about a small traditional Chinese medicine practicing great medicine with his whole life.I want to tell you through this book whether TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine can cure, how to cure!Note: the medical cases involved in this book are real medical cases!Second, “Smooth Road to Medicine” introduction: Medical student Zhang Fan, access to the future medical system, ordinary life began to become infinitely wonderful author:ZangFuSheng, beginning Level5 state: serial, currently 1626 chapter tags: the doctor system flow data: 4.822 million | 1.6564 million fans always recommend: 55 w, leader: forty three, “wonderful hand heart medical” abstract: “Mr France as the world’s youngest Nobel laureates in physiology, please talk about your feeling?””Before I was 19, I was just a boy counting the days to die,” Lin said, looking at the flashing lights. “It was that operation that changed my life.””That surgery gave me more than just a new life…”Author: the beginning of Chen jia saburo, Level5 status: after completing this, chapter 1187 tags: all people self-help doctors make money data: 3.4484 million | 226200 fans always recommend: 18 w, leader: two original books, seriously think recommend good, help under the thumb up, collection, sharing, thank you!